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Case Study: How We Transformed Meta (Facebook) Advertising For Our Client

Meta (Facebook) Ads Case Study


Conversion Counts is a leading agency specialising in Meta (Facebook) Advertising management. In this case study, we will explore how Conversion Counts helped a B2B building supplies company, overcome their challenges with underperforming Meta (Facebook) Ads. By conducting a comprehensive audit, implementing strategic changes and utilising various campaign types and platforms, Conversion Counts achieved remarkable results, significantly improving the client's cost per lead and overall advertising effectiveness.

In this case study, the client's name has been intentionally omitted to ensure confidentiality and protect sensitive business information. While the client's name has been omitted, it is crucial to emphasise that all the information presented in this case study is based on actual client experiences and real-world results achieved by Conversion Counts.

Client Overview

The client, a B2B company that provides a wide range of building supplies to trade professionals. Despite their high-quality products and services, they faced challenges in generating cost-effective leads through their existing Meta (Facebook) Advertising campaigns. Recognising the need for expert assistance, this leading B2B building supplies company approached Conversion Counts to improve their advertising performance and ultimately increase their customer base.

Problem Identification

Upon auditing the client's Meta (Facebook) Advertising campaigns, Conversion Counts identified several key issues that were hindering their success:

Suboptimal Audience Targeting: The client's audience targeting lacked optimisation. Their campaigns were not effectively reaching the right audience, resulting in low conversion rates and wasted ad spend. The client wanted to target contractors, builders, architects and interior designers, but their current audience targeting was too broad and targeted B2C as well.

Poor Conversion Tracking: Conversion tracking was not properly implemented, leading to a lack of accurate data on user behaviour and campaign performance. Most notably, server side conversion tracking was not in place resulting in fewer reported conversions due to iOS 14 changes. This made it difficult to measure the effectiveness of their advertising efforts and make informed decisions.

Outdated Creatives: The client's ad creatives were rarely updated, leading to ad fatigue and diminished audience engagement. Stale creatives can deter potential customers and negatively impact the campaign's overall performance. Most notably, the client's creatives were poorly designed for mobile devices resulting in fewer placement within the Meta (Facebook) landscape.

Limited Campaign Types: The company had been relying on a limited set of Meta (Facebook) Advertising campaign types, limiting their ability to explore and leverage the full potential of the platform.

Solution Implementation

To address the challenges faced by the client, Conversion Counts implemented the following solutions:

Optimal Audience Targeting: Conversion Counts leveraged their historical data to build a strong audience through lookalike targeting. Lookalikes were tested from 1% to 10% over 90 days period to reach the optimal level of engagement and conversions. Additionally, we fine-tuned interest and demographics-based targeting, ensuring that the campaigns reached the most relevant audience.

Enhanced Conversion Tracking: Conversion Counts rectified the poor conversion tracking by implementing comprehensive tracking mechanisms. This allowed us to measure and analyse various event types, providing valuable insights into how the website visitors engaged with the site and interacted with the advertising campaigns. Browser and server side tracking were implemented and tracked events went up from 1 tracked event to 6 tracked events.

Iterative Creative Testing: Conversion Counts implemented a systematic creative testing approach, constantly refreshing and testing new ad creatives. By doing so, we ensured that the client's target audience remained engaged, thereby increasing the likelihood of conversions and improving the overall campaign performance.

Diversified Campaign Types: Recognising the need to explore different campaign types, Conversion Counts diversified the client's Meta (Facebook) Advertising strategy. We leveraged various campaign types, such as lead generation campaigns, remarketing campaigns and dynamic product ads, to complement each other and maximise the potential reach and impact of the campaigns.

Google Ads Remarketing Success: In addition to optimising Meta (Facebook) Advertising, Conversion Counts also utilised Google Ads Remarketing to re-engage with non-converting website traffic. This multi-channel approach led to increased brand visibility, improved customer engagement and ultimately, more conversions.


Conversion Counts' efforts to optimise Meta (Facebook) Advertising for the client resulted in outstanding outcomes, significantly improving their cost per lead and overall advertising effectiveness. The key results achieved are as follows:

Improved Cost per Lead: By implementing strategic improvements in audience targeting, conversion tracking, creative refresh and campaign diversification, Conversion Counts achieved an impressive reduction in cost per lead for the client. The cost per lead was reduced by approximately 25%, bringing it well within the target set by the client. This significant improvement in cost efficiency made the advertising campaigns much more cost-effective, allowing the client to generate more leads within their allocated budget.

Increased Conversion Rates: Through the strategic implementation of audience targeting, conversion tracking and creative testing, Conversion Counts achieved a noticeable increase in conversion rates for the client's Meta (Facebook) Advertising campaigns. Conversion rates experienced an uplift of approximately 30%, indicating a higher number of qualified leads and improved conversion outcomes. This increase in conversion rates signifies the effectiveness of Conversion Counts' optimisations in resonating with the target audience and driving more conversions for the client.

Enhanced Campaign Performance: Conversion Counts' comprehensive approach to campaign management and optimisation resulted in significant improvements in various performance metrics for the client's campaigns. The client's ads witnessed a substantial increase in engagement, with click-through rates rising by approximately 40%. This higher engagement indicates a more compelling and captivating advertising message that attracted users to take action. Moreover, the ad relevancy scores improved by approximately 20%, indicating the increased effectiveness and relevance of the campaigns in capturing the attention and interest of the target audience (contractors, builders, architects and interior designers). Overall, these improvements reflect the successful and impactful advertising strategy implemented by Conversion Counts.


By addressing the key challenges that the client faced in their Meta (Facebook) Advertising campaigns, Conversion Counts successfully transformed their advertising performance. Through strategic audience targeting, enhanced conversion tracking, iterative creative testing and diversified campaign types, Conversion Counts significantly improved the client's cost per lead and overall advertising effectiveness. The collaboration between Conversion Counts and this leading B2B building supplies company showcases the power of data-driven optimisation and the importance of leveraging the full potential of digital advertising platforms to drive business growth.



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